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Almost 50 years ago, in 1961, Mr. Fiorenzo Sartor, founder of Safi, launched in the market the first mast climbing work platform which combined the vertical movement of a structure with the effect of the rotation of a pinion.

In 1973 SAFI successfully exhibited at the fair in Bologna and since then it is a world leader in the field of rack and pinion lifting systems. SAFI Access systems are used in solving the most varied and complex problems: to ascend dizzy heights along the viaducts, dam walls, façades of skyscrapers, in the shipyards, for maintenance of architectural structures ,installation of curtain walls and so on.

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References - SAFI organization chart


SAFI brand has been in the market of access equipment for nearly 50 years and offers a wide range of rack and pinions systems such as mast climbing work platforms, transport platforms , hoists and material hoists, all of them driven by SIEMENS electric motors.

The wide range of SAFI brand includes standard solutions with various lengths and heights for mast climbing platforms as well as several payloads and heights for transport platforms, material hoists , passenger and material hoists.

SAFI, thanks to the many years’experience of its owner Mr. Fiorenzo Sartor, is able to meet any special request where the type of application requires an accurate study and an unique design solution fitting a specific work or installation.

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